About Us

Textloops.com Ltd is an innovative startup that is proud to be based in Northern Ireland and is interested in hearing from credible investors with a vision for growth.

Textloops introduces a uniquely user friendly ability, not previously seen, to execute commands and enquiries via plain text, using an international patent pending communication system. This system allows text to be used in ways not previously achievable. In addition to group messaging, this system could be used for any suitable purpose where control via text could be beneficial, e.g. betting, bookings or querying schedules like train or cinema times. We believe this system has particularly huge potential to benefit parts of the world like India and Africa, where there are hundreds of millions of people who have ready access to SMS but do not have ready access to the internet. We would be especially interested to hear from investors who can demonstrate an ability to access these markets and who have a passion to use this system to make a practical difference.