Try it now for as little as 65p.

Within 2 minutes you can add your number and someone else’s and try sending a message.

Textloops can be used with UK and Irish mobile numbers.

They cost the same and are purchased in Sterling. If you are interested in using it for mobiles in another region please contact us by email to – we are keen to add other countries where there is an interest.

How Prices work:

  • SMSs from Textloops are FREE TO RECEIVE
  • Sending an SMS to your special Textloops number is like sending an SMS to family or friends and is charged by your network operator in the same way, at the same cost.
  • SMSs sent by Textloops on behalf of your group use credits that you purchase from Textloops. Texts longer than 160 characters use standard SMS "text concatenation" and cost more than one credit - for full details see the Terms & Conditions.
  • NO ADVERTISEMENTS: Textloops does not send members advertisements or marketing texts.

Price List

Credit Bundle Per Bundle Per Credit
10 65p 6.5p
20 £1.00 5.0p
100 £4.10 4.1p
500 £19.50 3.9p
5,000 £185.00 3.7p

Make credits cheaper by telling your friends

As a fresh new company we don't yet have the muscle to bulk purchase huge volumes of SMS and benefit from reduced costs of such volume. As use of Textloops grows, we will. Tell your friends about Textloops and encourage them to use it and in return we promise you that we will pass on the cost reductions as Textloops becomes more and more popular.